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Ysgol Ein Harglwyddes

Growing and Learning together with Jesus as our light




This school cannot succeed without the support of parents. We therefore urge you to take an interest in your children's education and to support the school in its work and its public activities.

Any parent who wishes to discuss any aspect of their children's education can arrange to do so by contacting the Headteacher (by letter or telephone).

Our aim is to provide a broadly based curriculum which facilitates in depth study of the key elements of: religious education, mathematics, science, environmental and social studies, art, craft, design and technology, music and drama, physical education, religious and moral education and personal and social education. The essential language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are integral to all areas of the curriculum and are acquired through a balance between independent learning and teacher intervention and direction. The children will be taught mainly through the medium of English and Welsh as a second language. Welsh has a high priority in our school and our aim is to work towards bilingualism. This curriculum policy is set within the context of our Mission Statement and a framework that expects and seeks to attain high achievement from all pupils regardless of race, sex, disability or background.

Each class is organised for learning, using a range of teaching strategies, occasionally the class may be taught as a whole, the children may work in groups, in pairs or individually. Work will be given according to the child's age and ability. The National Curriculum provides Attainment Targets at each key stage in a child's development. The school will address these targets, but will proceed in a realistic manner and will constantly be mindful of the abilities of each individual child.

The school has formulated a detailed curricular framework. The purpose of such a framework is to ensure progression and continuity through the school and avoid repetition. The framework stipulates clearly what is taught and when.

The primary curriculum will include the core areas of learning and experience, which are essential to the child’s development and which are now defined within the National Curriculum.

We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and which will prepare the children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


As a Roman Catholic school Religious Education is a core subject and is given 10% of the teaching timetable. Our RE scheme “Come and See” is topic based and these topics lead our curriculum when at all possible. We are supported by the Diocesan RE team and we follow the guidelines for assessment as given by the Diocese.

As a Voluntary Aided school of the Catholic Church the Bishop appoints the Foundation Governors who form the majority group among the Governors. The policy of admission to the school must be one that gives priority to the children of parents who are members of the Catholic Church. The Governing Body has the support and guidance of the Diocesan Education team.

There is a close partnership with the parishes we serve and the parish priests are regular visitors to school to lead liturgies.


We have a detailed programme of Collective Worship. Our celebrations may be as a class, a key stage or as a whole school. The theme of our Collective Worship is often led by our RE topic or an aspect of the liturgical year. We have mass in school often and this may be for a class and prepared by the class, on a rota system, or as a whole school mass at the start or end of term or for a special day. For holy days of obligation we travel by coach to Our Lady and St James’ church for Mass.


It is hoped that the ethos of the school – which emphasises a caring and considerate atmosphere in the light of the Gospels – develops respect for the individual, values achievements of everyone and encourages attitudes which enable children to make a positive contribution to, and live harmoniously with others in the community. Opportunities are provided for responding to the needs of others by supporting charities and appeals both on a local and international level.

In Health Education the aim is to provide opportunities for children to increase their understanding about their bodies and how they work, hygiene, diet, how to keep fit, use/misuse of drugs, of what it means to keep healthy, their personal responsibility for achieving this and factors which promote it. Specific areas of the curriculum e.g. topic work on Food, Ourselves, Good Health and a range of physical activities offered promote this.


As a fundamental part of the personal, social and emotional development of the child, a programme for sex education is planned. This programme considers the maturity levels of the children and is integrated into a cross-curricular topic. This programme has been produced by the Archdiocese of Birmingham and has the full approval of our own Bishop and it is delivered to the children in years 5 and 6. This year we are expecting a new programme to be introduced.

Parents have the right to withdraw a child from Sex Education issues and parents will be informed when the programme is to be introduced.